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User Image muriithi_3 - Digital Specialist - Pro

Creative technologist with 5+ years experience in Software engineering, core marketing and digital advertising. Digital strategy, planning, implementation and reporting of activity and campaigns across platforms and channels (email, display, PPC, SEO, affiliates, Meta Searches), re-targeting, content, performance analysis, website/UI-UX management and analytics.

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Working closely with clients to asses their technological needs and design for them software solutions to achieve the same.


CORE OBJECTIVES WERE -Making sure client websites are up-to date and with relevant information - Conceptualize and Develop solutions to solve clients needs. - Develop and provide user training for basic systems and software use. -Content Management -Web Analytic


Marketing and Advertising


Web platfrom   Google  




Other Projects by Muriithi_3

I Ran Ads For Kenya Airways Oversee various digital transformation projects to ensure business needs are met as ...
I Ran Ads For Afya Sanitation This client needed Google ads to be ran across the US EAST ...

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