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User Image jamila_k_21 - Creative Influencer Marketer and Model - Pro

Am a girl with Big dreams and go after what I want. I got a flower that blooms inside me that will never die till I achieve my dream (the love of pictures).I like it that most people appreciate my work and see a lot in me.Am always happy when some text me and tell me that I inspire them .I would like people to see me in adverts ,billboards and magazines some years to come and inspire other young ladies out there.Social media also has enabled me know and meet so many people and have gotten some opportunities through it.Some time have felt as if it’s tough or like giving up but am someone who thinks positively ,go after my goals and I believe there is Gods timing and I’ll make it one day and inspire more. I have been a model and social influencer for 2 years now. Nominee of the JKUSA AWARDS category (female social media personality of the year)

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